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Roxanne was studying to become a medical laboratory technician early in her career. She earned her associate degree and started taking courses toward a bachelor’s. Roxanne needed to complete 50 weeks of unpaid clinical work that went along with her desired degree—an expense she could not afford since starting a family one year prior.

She worked in banking for 16 years before earning a Dispatch license and moving into the airline industry. 

When she heard about JetBlue Scholars, she was immediately excited. “I want to finish what I started!” she says, “It’s been more than 25 years.”

When Roxanne expressed interest in JetBlue Scholars, she was paired with a success coach who reviewed her transcripts. Combining her previous community college, Dispatch license and military certifications (she spent six years in the Army Reserve), Roxanne had more than 100 credits. Her coach assigned several online courses through JetBlue Scholars partners, with JetBlue covering the cost. 

Roxanne completed her Capstone course in the Spring of 2016 and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Thomas Edison State University. She now mentors scholars that are still working toward their goals and helps provide information to Crewmembers interested in learning more about taking classes.