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Business Ethics 

Originally from Haiti, Reggie grew up in Queens, New York. After graduating high school, he enrolled at a nearby aviation college and started working at JetBlue.

Soon, the cost and time commitment of college became too much to balance with work. He withdrew from courses temporarily. A few years passed, and then he enrolled at a different technical college where he earned his associate degree.
Reggie wanted to earn his bachelor’s, but the cost was too high. “The bachelor’s was not going to happen unless some angel came around and decided to pay for it.”

When he heard about JetBlue Scholars, Reggie jumped at the chance to earn an affordable degree. 

“It’s something that I wanted. It’s the basic requirement for many jobs and it’s also a basic requirement for me, for my own personal gratification.”  

To start, Reggie and his JetBlue Scholars success coach reviewed his transcripts. With his previous coursework, he held around 75 credits of the required 120 for a bachelor’s. The success coach assigned Reggie online college courses through JetBlue partners that would count toward a bachelor’s from Thomas Edison State University (TESU). 
“I know that I’m going to be a different person after I earn that degree. You won’t see it from looking at me, but my inner energy—I will be very proud of myself once I’m done with the courses and ready for the next step.”